Right angle power adapter for Kindle Fire 8" PoE

I have Power Over Ethernet (PoE) running to the Amazon Fire Tablet, and have purchased the Fire cases from here.  I also have a PoE to USB adapter to step the voltage from 48 to 5v.  The adapter has a male Micro USB connector on it.  I need to get that to a male micro USB with a low-profile plug so the Fire will sit within the case.  Anyone know of one that will work for that?  I found some on Amazon that go from USB A to the slim micro-usb, but not one that is micro-usb Female to slim Male.

Thank you!

annddd...  found one right after posting...  :)  

for reference:  https://www.amazon.com/Ribbon-Degree-Angled-Female-Charging/dp/B07QCXPP81