Relay Requires 2 Clicks to Arm or Disarm

Hi. I have an interface panel set up. I configured my control panel to have zone 6 as a momentary key zone. I know the zone works ok as like in the install video when i remove one of the cables the alarm arms.

I have created a switch in Smartthings to let me toggle on and off. It works, but I have to press the toggle button twice for it to arm. Then twice again to unarm it.

As it takes 2 Clicks to do either it makes it hard to add any automation in Smartthings. So is there a way I can set the relay to toggle on with a single switch?


would you mind helping me on how did you create a momentary switch in smart thingsĀ  and how is that connected to the relay?

This is not the solution to your problem of wanting to have this work with a single switch, but what I found works best is changing it from a momentary switch to a regular switch. You then need to turn it on and turn it off with two clicks, but this gave me the ability to arm-stay and arm-away depending on how long i left the switch open. Definitely not as slick as programming a switch to be open for a specified amount of time, but this worked consistently.