Opening mounted PIR Motion Sensor Case

I have an existing wall mounted PIR Motion sensor and I need to open the case to see how it is wired (all of the wiring was done with cat 3, so not sure what pairs were used on the device end) the problem is I am unable to figure out how to physically get the box open. There aren't any identifying marks on it so don't know the manufacturer. 

The only thing I noticed is a screw next to an unlocked padlock symbol, but after trying turning it to both positions ( I am assuming there is an open and a locked position )  I can't figure out how to proceed any further.

I attached 3 pictures.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

G’day David

Looks like a Bosch Blue Line PIR to me.

If you haven’t already figured it out, check out the instructions here

When you’re wiring these for Konnected, don’t forgot that you need to remove the resistor.

Good luck!

Thanks! You were right on and the directions in the video helped me get it open, I was totally stumped before.

Just in case anyone looks at this later, screw next to the padlock icon to the horizontal position, then you should be able to slide the front down and you can pop it off, turning the screw back and forth while sliding it down helped me get the case off.

Thanks again!