I haven't seen anyone messing with Node-Red on here, thought I'd mention it. I love using it with my other Home Assistant devices, would love to see a palette but I have it working without one.

 I have Node-Red installed and running but haven't done anything with it yet. There doesn't appear to be a SmartThings node (palette?). I was hoping  Node-Red would be a more flexible Stringify but that's far from the case given the apparent lack of device support.

That said, I'm optimistic I will find a use for it. I recently setup unRAID and just yesterday noticed that there is a Home Assistant plugin/docker so I plan on testing out HA which I believe is supported by Node-Red...

I have a basic Node-Red Flow using Konnected setup. @Benjamin, might you be willing to share your flow or have guidance on how to enable a motion sensor when Home Assistant is armed for stay? 

I just can't wrap my mind around that. 

I think most of your question is answered in that picture I posted forever ago. Help me understand what you're trying to find out and I'll be glad to help!  :D

More recently I've been using the simple google cast integration for voice announcements when doors and windows open/close. It's great!

Benjamin, I was able to figure it out. What I was asking for initially, was the code for Node-Red. Since I'm still new to NR, I just wanted to set everything up and then go back and understand why it works.

For anyone looking to create a security alarm panel in Home Assistant using Konnected, here's a good starting page:

Thank you, Benjamin, for your picture, it did help.