Napco GEM-P1632 zone doubling

Looks like this panel supports zone doubling.

Its an 8 zone panel that can expand to 16 without an additional module....there are 2 sensors attached to each zone with a different kind of resistor (see attached image) 

Does the Pro handle this config? If not I guess I'll have to give up the integration.  I dont want to do this as I have a working system.


any idea?


Konnected does not support zone doubling, but if you are converting a system that utilizes zone doubling, you can simply separate the wires and connect them to independent zones on Konnected.

Thanks for the reply, if I do this then the original system will no longer be able to see those zones correct?  Only Konnected.

Do you happen to know if I would need to remove those resistors from the ones Im moving to the new zones?

Was hoping that since the conversion kit has those little dials to adjust sensitivity perhaps they could be used to distinguish between each zone on the doubled line.

on a double Zone configuration, if I want to use only the lower zone 1-8 Zones out of 16 zone (doubled) for the connected interface the lower Zones use Resistor. 3.7K the higher Zones use 6.8K , could it work ? how should I connect the interface in that case ?

No, it won’t work, sorry. Konnected’s interface module can only be tuned for a single resistance threshold. Anything below that threshold will be detected as closed, and above the threshold will be open. If you have two circuits in a single zone, it won’t know which is which.

The best option for a system using zone doubling is the full conversion, and separate out each zone into it’s own zone on the Konnected board.