Momentary switch and Beep/Blink switch capability coming in Hass 0.76

Hello Hass users!

Pleased to announce that Home Assistant 0.76 will include native support for momentary and beep/blink switches with Konnected. See the PR.

Three new configuration options were added to the switches configuration: momentary, pause, and repeat. Full documentation will be updated here when the release is finalized. Below are some examples:

    - id: abcde0
    # Makes four short beeps
    - zone: out
      name: Beep Beep
      momentary: 65
      pause: 55
      repeat: 4

    # half-second momentary contact for garage door
    - zone: 5
      name: Garage Door Opener
      momentary: 500
      activation: low

    # infinitely repeating slow beep for entry alarm (requires firmware 2.2.3+)
    - zone: out
      name: Entry Warning
      momentary: 100
      pause: 250
      repeat: -1

Hi Nate,

Just checking, did the momentary config updates go through as planned with HA .76?

Sorry about this. Looks like it missed the deadline for 0.76 but it's definitely in 0.77.