Migrate HomeAssistant from Konnected Integration to ESPHome Integration

I’ve been using the home assistant konnected integration since forever. It stopped working last week and I found the konnected integration is depreciated and not as fast as esphome. I have many esphome devices already so sounds good, except for the migration.

Are there any?

  1. Tips and tricks for migrating? What will I wish I knew?
  2. Automations for migrating?
  3. How/what do I need to make sure I know before I flash a board with esphome?
  4. I have all 20+ entities labeled things like binary_sensor.door_back_sliding . Am I going to be able to keep that entity name and any suggestions on how to do that?

What else should I consider? Thanks in advance!

Review your existing Konnected integration configurations and note down the devices, sensors, and automations you have set up. Create a migration plan to replicate these configurations in ESPHome.