Konnected Boards not respecting DHCP NTP designation?

Hi folks,

Since updating to the 2.2.7 series on the board (I need to upgrade to the 2.3.x series - I know), I have noticed that the four konnected boards I have are pinging/querying port 123 (NTP/Time) to what I think is pool.ntp.org.

However, in my network setup, I have DHCP set to also offer a local NTP server via DHCP Option 42. 

While this is a minute issue from many others, I'd still like to keep as much of the boards' traffic to LAN only. Is there a way to configure the board to respect and utilize DHCP Option 42?


Seems it has been hardcoded at https://github.com/konnected-io/konnected-security/blob/d20c45923f726483cb2e97c2179874855905a2e6/src/lfs/wifi.lua#L64 

Anyway in a future update to allow this option to be configurable?