How to connect siren on add on board

is there a way to connect an additional siren to the Konnected ADD ON board, there are 10 connection points on the add-on board 1-6 + G with the 10th being "out", verses 9 pins 1-6 + G on the main board.

on the main Konnected board the other connections are Aux- Alarm+ Alarm-

on the Add On Konnected board the other connections are Aux- Aux+

I am having the Add On board and can't figure out how to connect to my 3 wire siren. I am suppose to connect to the 3 pins that says +5V, GND and OUT?

 Most sirens are 12v + and - so two wires (although they usually have a 12+ for continuous tone and a 12+ for a warble tone so you just use one of those wires and you would need to use a relay board to connect a siren to the Add-on board.  The diagram at could use the aux + and - instead of the external power supply.

How do I connect the siren to the conversion kit? The board only has aux + and -.

A convention board should have a aux- and a alarm + and - which you could hook the siren to directly If the board doesn’t have a siren + and - or a 5v power output that you can hook a relay to then I don’t think you can hook it up.