Hardwired 240Vac to 12V Transformer (UK)

Feel like I'm reinventing the wheel and has probably been asked before but cant find it on the forum.

The house has a 240v dedicated alarm circuit with a fused spur next to where I want to install the Konnected Alarm. I would like to hardwire a step-down transformer in the alarm circuit box rather than an external plug 12v ac/dc adaptor.

Would it be possible to use an LED Driver Transformer such as one of these, https://www.amazon.co.uk/NEW-LED-Driver-Transformer-240V/dp/B016AH5ABA

Its rated at 1A out which appears to be adequate on many installs I have seen in the forums. Mine will eventually be a 12 zone install with no relays ect.

If this should be ok, the second question would be on suggestions for battery backup. Currently I'm trying to find a small circuit suitable for charging a typical lead battery.

Any tips greatly welcomed.


Have a look at the following. It is a UK 220V power supply for use with Konnected.