Good cabinet for a new installation?

I'm about to get a new six zone v2 board, but I don't actually have an existing traditional alarm. I'm planning on doing all new sensor wiring, and I'm looking for a good cabinet to use for the Konnected controller. Any recommendations?

I'm just wiring in the board, power supply/adapter, and maybe eventually a backup battery. I don't think it needs to be the size of a traditional alarm cabinet. 

I do hope to get the Pro board, once it's shipping, so I need room for that. And I could see using one of those separate 12v DC power supplies to send low voltage power to wall mounted tablets. So I want a little extra room for expansion. But not too much.

Any suggestions for a right-sized enclosure to use? Especially interested in something I can actually mount the board to directly, instead of sticky tape. :-)