Eufy, Iris, or similar physical keypad and Konnected


My goal is to get a physical keypad working with my Konnected system via Home Assistant so that I can arm with a button press and disarm with the input of a numerical code. Compatibility with Home Assistant is a huge can of worms, but my question here is whether or not I can use the Konnected Alarm Panel V2's DC out to power one of these keypads.

The Iris keypad I found uses 2 C batteries, while the Eufy one uses a rechargeable battery. I'd like to avoid batteries completely. At least with the Iris keypad, would it be safe to just solder the +/- wire ends to the appropriate battery contacts and connect the other end to the Konnected board's DC out?

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds. If you happen to know of a physical keypad (with buttons and no touch screen) that can be integrated into Home Assistant, please share!

Hi. Did you manage to get this working? I am wanting to get the Eufy keypad working with Konnected and Alarmo if possible.