Door Chime Automation

I noticed questions on this and wanted to share my automation for door-open chimes using the Konnected Piezo on Out1. Works well and is easily configurable. I plan similar automations for entry delay and exit delay, and haven’t gotten to them yet.

Add Trigger: Entity for the doors you want to have chime. Multiple drops down menus will become available.
Set the From state Closed, and To state Open
I left For blank, as this just creates a delay before the beeps begin.

And If
Add Condition: Alarmo (in my case) is disarmed

Then do
Add Action: Light Turn on Alarm Panel Pro
Add Action: Delay for x time (I used 1 second, which is good for 4-45 beeps). Note, you’ll have to search for Delay as an Action, but it comes right up.
Add Action: Turn light off on Alarm Panel Pro

Hope this helps those still working through this.

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