Community board theme not compatible

When I first joined this board I found it really odd all the text was gray and hard to read, but I managed. Now it seems to have gotten worse and I literally can’t even use the board any more. I don’t do anything abnormal here, I’m just Chrome on a Mac. Anyone else having an issue? See screenshots:

Another screenshot:

Ah, I switched to dark mode and now I can get around ago. So, just a little feedback I guess. Something about the settings on this board, the default is not really usable.

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I agree the default setting means you cannot read test, I searched around and found the preferences under account and switched to a dark mode, much better

Oof, this is bad. :astonished:
We’re looking into it.

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Sounds good thanks. Lemme know if you need a tester to validate anything. Happy to help.


@danielgoepp We’ve fixed it and it looks good on our devices. Please let us know if it looks ok on your end too!

Definitely better. I’ll probably stick with dark mode anyway :wink: There are still some bugs, like in the profile page:

Thanks, we will take care of that!