Chowmain releases Konnected blaQ driver for Control4

Driver features include:

  • IP Control
  • Light Proxy for Garage Door Light
  • Auto install / Binding of official Control4 proxies for Garage Door, Motion Sensor, IR Beam and Lock drivers.
  • Support for ‘Relay Garage Door Controller (OS2.9+)’ driver for fully open, open, closed states.
  • Control - Garage Door Open, Garage Door Close, Garage Door Position, Garage Door Stop, Light On, Light Off, Light Toggle, Wireless Remote Lock, Wireless Remote Unlock, Wireless Remote Toggle, Play Sound, Pre Close Warning
  • Feedback - Garage Door Open, Garage Door Opening, Garage Door Close, Garage Door Closing, Motion Sensing (if wall control panel has motion detector built in), Obstruction (if Obstruction Detector IR/PE Beams installed), Light State, Wireless Remote Lock State
  • Automatic Push and Email Notifications On - Garage Door Open, Garage Door Close, Garage Door Still Open (variable time defined in driver properties)
  • Button Bindings - Garage Door Toggle, Garage Door Open, Garage Door Close, Garage Light Toggle, Garage Light On, Garage Light Off, Remote Control Lock Toggle, Remote Control Lock, Remote Control Unlock

Note, some models outside of the United States may not be compatible with Konnected BlaQ. Please reach out to Konnected to confirm compatibility before purchase.

For more information about the driver, please click here.