Chime sounds for door/window open/close with Rboy Apps?

I am looking for a way for the tablets to make a chime sound or announcement whenever the alarm is armed/disarmed, or a door/windows is opened and closed. 

Previous suggestions were to use Lannouncer with Bigtalker2, but those apps are no longer supported with the new ST app, and it looks like Lannouncer is completely abandoned (website doesn't work at all). I came across a ST smartapp by Rboy, that looks like it could work, but it requires the purchase of a license that gives access to all Rboy apps. 

Anybody have experience with the Rboy chimes and notifications app? Does it work with the new ST app? Will it allow me to play notification sounds from the Kiosk tablet?

Daniel, did you ever give the RBoy app a try or get it working? Running into the same issue with my setup and trying to figure out the best approach moving forward