Can't connect to WiFi - SSID has space or special characters (ISSUE).

My SSID has spaces and periods  "every day im buffering.........." and it does not work with these WiFi modules (see below for firmware details)  Can we modify the firmware to be more closely aligned with the SSID standards?

Konnected firmware 2.2.6

NodeMCU build 20190203 powered by Lua 5.1.4 on SDK 2.2.1(6ab97e9)

Ref from StackOverflow

Section of the 802.11-2012 defines SSIDs.  

A valid SSID is 0-32 octets with arbitrary contents. A 0-length SSID indicates the wildcard SSID (in probe request frames for instance). 

There's no character set associated with the SSID - a 32-byte string of NUL-bytes is a valid SSID. 

This implies:

you should never use normal string functions when manipulating generic SSIDs (strcpy() and friends).

you should not assume that the SSID is printable when, for instance, logging it to disk