Cannot discover or connect Konnected board after Hubitat soft reset

I was having alot of issues with my glass breaks and motions on my initial set up. So I decided to do a soft reset on my Hubitat and start over. Now after loading the app data, the driver and the Konnected app I cannot add any of my Konnected devices. I did the OAuth on the Konnected manager and I am trying the boards 1 at a time. I have solid green on all 3 boards, but the blue light blinks once every  so often. Any ideas. Thanks, Jim

 I have 3 boards that I've connected to Hubitat but I've never reset my Hubitat so I don't have any experience in re-connecting to a board that was once connected.  Short of someone else with more experience chiming in I would start with a reset of the Konnected board to see if it stores info about connections after it connects once it may stop broadcasting for new connections?

The only way I was able to "reset to factory" was to flash the Firmware over the current version (make sure you say overwrite the current image). I had issues with WIFI not broadcasting on a reset until I downloaded and installed the files for every version between 2.2.6 and  2.3.2. Going back to 2.2.6 and overwriting the file image saw wireless work again. Then I just upgraded and overwrote up to 2.3.2, with it still working at that point I configured it to join my WiFi network (using the Android app) and it then upgraded itself to 2.3.5.