Blue Light Blink Deciphering

I have an 18 zone kit connected to Hubitat. I had it working fine, but was trying to "start over" by deleting the app in Hubitat and try to "add a Konnected Device" again to add my hubs. I added the main hub, but having trouble reconnecting the two child HE hubs. I noticed that they both are blinking in the following manner:

Every minute, I get a very short blue light flash, followed by 2 longer flashes, then about 12 short flashes.  They are both doing this.  I can't connect to them through wifi, since they don't seem to be broadcasting. Thoughts? 

I just deleted all the apps and the drivers and started all over. This is not the best solution I am sure, but it worked. I will leave this open in case anyone has an thoughts on this.