Total number of Outputs


I am looking to purchase the 24zone system along with some relay modules.

I'm a little confused to how many outputs both the Main board and additional boards can accommodate.

From what I have read the main board has

  • 6x inputs
  • 1x 12V Aux Output
  • 1x 12V switched output. 

The Add-on board has 6   

  • 6x inputs
  • 1x 12V Aux Output
  • 1x 5V output. 
Therefore on my system I could have a 12V switched output and 3x 5V switched outputs. Is this correct?

I have also read that inputs 1 to 5 can be configured as outputs, is this correct, and thus making each add-on board capable of 6 switched outputs. If this is true then what is the output voltage of 1 to 5.

Many thanks in advance.


Has there been any response or comments to this question?

I also am looking for clarification on allocation and connections of outputs on a system with the interface (input only) expansion board connected.