Replaced 1998 FBII System

Fun project.  Replaced an old hardwired FBII system with 6 zones and 25 sensors, 2 motion detections and one glass break sensor.  I split it into 12 zones, and am using SmartThings to monitor.  I tried monitoring with Google Home, but the SmartThings security monitoring app is just too easy to use.  Thanks Konnected.

I replaced my FBII system with a Konnnected Pro.  Have it working perfectly with HomeKit\Homebridge.  Left my FBII board in place but doesn't have any power.

Added a quick example vid of the system working in iOS Home App via Homebridge.  I moved my sensors to a room called "Security Panel".

My home security is now iOS\Internet enabled after 22 years in the house!  Thanks Konnected!