NodeMcu Flash Help

I have been trying to flash a nodemcu board with the firmware and file image provided. At first I was unable to get the computer to recognize the esp but through searching online I found that a self powered usb hub was needed. With the self powered usb hub I can now get the esp tool to see my esp, however, during the flashing process it gets stuck on "Stub running..." I have tried numerous computers, esp's, cables, and times with no luck. How can I get the firmware loaded onto this ESP?

any luck? im in same boat and now one of my boards doesnt work with ST anymore.


I was able to flash the NodeMCU's from a different computer. Unfortunately, I live in a rural area with extremely slow internet. This has caused me to go a different route with my security system. I had PC matic installed on the computer I could not get to work. I also do arduino/electronics projects that PC matic interferes with as well, I have to pause PC matic while I am working on flashing any electronics. I would suggest checking your firewall/security settings. Hope this helps.