Multiple Noonlight users

The support for Noonlight looks great.  I'm going to dabble with the Smartthings integration this weekend.  However, wanted to check with the group if anyone has already integrated it and if there are any lessons to share.  The piece that does not seem immediately obvious from the smartapp and the Noonlight app is how multiple users are managed.  For example, If I create an account how to I configure alerts to go to my wife?  such that if the alarm is activated can both my wife and I be contacted by Noonlight?


I added Noonlight to my Konnected/SmartThings alarm system in late August, 2018.  Works flawlessly!  On those few occasions when I accidentally  tripped a  motion sensor, Noonlight immediately texted me to say they received an alert and  followed up with a phone call.  In fact, Noonlight's response was considerably faster than my previous alarm company!  Fortunately, I have never needed Noonlight for an actual emergency, so I can't comment  about this.