Konnected restarts and HA restart

Hello, I have realised that each time HA is restarted, towards the end of the boot, possibly when the link between HA and konnected is re-established, then konnected restarts also. And this is quite annoying since the sirens are active low, so a restart means that the sirens rings for a while. Do you know how to deal with this issue?

Hello, I think you should double-check the configuration settings for both Home Assistant and Konnected. Look for any misconfigurations or conflicting settings that could be causing the restarts. Pay attention to any scripts, automations, or integrations that involve Konnected and ensure they are set up correctly.

Hello and thanks for the feedback, the configuration is pretty basic at integration level. Nothing could be wrong there, I just set the kind of each I/O. About automations, nothing is set for what regards konnected, even in a bare installation, as soon as home assistant restarts, konnected also restarts.

You may try to replicate it very easily at bench, just reboot home assistant and you should see the uptime of the konnected restarting from zero.

Or do you have any specific hints on where to look on my side?