Honeywell/Ademco Galaxy 60 conversion

Hi folks! I’ve done some research about converting my current alarm system → Honeywell/Ademco Galaxy 60. I cannot really find any specific information about how to convert this panel with a Konnected Alarm Panel pro (12 zones), and I wonder if anyone has experience with such conversion. This system is installed in the Netherlands.

Here are some of the current installation details and some pictures added for reference:

  • Old panel has 12 zones
  • 6 motion sensors are connected
  • 4 smoke detectors are connected
  • 2 keypads are connected
  • There is 1 siren, and it appears there is 1 strobe (but can’t find it in the house)
  • There is a power distribution board (below) that that feeds power to the devices directly from the PSU (which is separated form the zone unit)

Main questions:

  1. How should I wire the siren, strobe and tamper loop to the konnected alarm panel pro board?
  2. Can I reuse the power distribution board unit? Seems this way I can better organize cables as I only need to patch 2 small cables from the existing distro unit to the AUX power in the konnected board.
  3. It’s not clear which are the keypad wires. Someone knows?

Pictures: Dropbox - Galaxy 60 unit - Simplify your life