Gauging Interest: Crestron Compatibility for Konnected?

Hello to all you home automation enthusiasts out there!

We’ve got a question and would love to hear your thoughts.
Our query is simple – “Would the idea of having Crestron compatibility for Konnected catch your attention?”

Speaking of compatibility, did you know that Konnected works with Control4? Control4 integration has been in full swing since last year and it’s available for our flagship devices Alarm Panel & Alarm Panel Pro.

Your insights matter immensely to us. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments. Again, is the prospect of Crestron compatibility something that resonates with you? We’re all ears!

Thanks a bunch,
Konnected Team

My thoughts would be the world has moved on. When Will and Eric created Control4 after AMX/Panja it and Crestron were relevant. Control4 and Crestron in my opinion are an architectural referred products for very high end clients doesn’t seem the same market as Konnected.

That was a long time ago. If it weren’t for Snap One buying Control4 I think it would have been the end. I guess for an alarm panel replacement for those people who still have Control4 it makes some sense?