Do I have the right Konnected boards for the install?


I recently purchased a Konnected Alarm Panel INTERFACE to install with my previously purchased Konnected Alarm Panel v2 with Siren Output (12 zone).

As I was about to start the install using Konnected YouTube guide, I realized a couple things:

-There are no jumper cables included in either of those kits. Is this a normal thing?

-My Alarm Panel v2.2 has only 1 slot for a ribbon cable. The 12 zone kit has an additional board that needs a ribbon cable, and now the Alarm Panel Kit needs one as well.  So I think I might have the incorrect Alarm Panel Kit to use with the interface module?

  I have attached a photo of everything that was included in the two kits, along with my alarm system.

Any insights would be appreciated!!

Thank you