Disappeared entities for buzzer and blue LED?

@nate I just noticed after the new FW buzzer and blue LED entities are gone?

They’re still there … those are marked as “internal” entities which means that they’re not intended for use/control by API clients. I think they are still present in the API though, just not visible on the web page.

The stock firmware I think has include_internal: true set in the configuration so the internal entities show as well. In the custom firmware builds include_internal is not set, so it only shows the “user/API facing entities”

If there’s a particular reason that you need access to these, I’m open to change it.

Not really, it was just fun to trigger alarm from HomeSeer, but not a big deal.

You can trigger “Pre-close warning” which includes the sound and light feature together. This is a public entity.

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No, I’m using the API. And I think the web Page also shows all available entities.