Lightsys ver2 and konnected

I have a lightsys (from risco system) wired alarm and would like to domotize it using konnected in parallel with lightsys itself.

The idea is to monitor through konnected the zones as well to status of the alarm (e.g. armed, disarmed, alarm).

In order to implement what described above, I'm thinking to have the config as following (as in the attached picture):

  • konnected alarm panel (or add-on) with interface module (1 set or 2 sets depending on the number of zones I will decide to manage
  • one additional konnected alarm planel add-on to handle the outputs from lightsys to monitor alarm status
  • all the konnected alarm panle to be fed by the AUX from lightsys (13.8Vdc @800mA max) to gain on the battery backup system handled by lightsys - is this feasible?
Do you think it is manageable?
I also attach few details on lightsys

Thanks for any help/hint